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    About Us   |   Meaning of Pikku   |   Our Founder

    About Us

    Pikku is muslin made modern. Our accessories are designed out of a love for babies, a passion for parenthood and an obsession with modern design and high-quality materials.

    Our products are thoughtfully designed for a superior fit and feel without compromise to style, versatility or safety. We offer the softest double gauze muslin fabric, exclusive prints, and complete peace of mind as all Pikku products are  fully CPSC Tested & Certified.

    At Pikku, we bring even the simplest of accessories to life with contemporary sophistication so you can enjoy every glorious moment with your little one. In the not-so-glamorous moments in between, you can feel a little bit stylish.

    Meaning of "Pikku"

    Pikku is a term of endearment meaning "little one" in Finnish.

    Our founder chose "pikku" in honor of a strong line of Finnish women in her family, whom she adored for their warmth, style and "sisu". While there is no direct translation in English, "sisu" refers to a strength of character that is stoically determined, graceful in all circumstances, and resilient - all qualities that resonate with modern parents and care-givers. 

    As much as Pikku is about the little one(s) in your life, it is also a celebration of parenthood -- with all its joys and challenges.  The bond between you and your pikku is what we celebrate; even down to the design of our logo. It is reflected in our meticulous attention to every detail, our dedication to providing the highest quality materials, an elevated aesthetic to match your modern sensibilities, and clever functionality across all our products. 

    Our Founder

    Pikku | Muslin Made Modern | Muslin Baby Products | Founder & Creative Director | Kathryn Khamsi

     Kathryn Khamsi

    Pikku's founder and Creative Director, Kathryn, is an admitted perfectionist with a distinct sense of style and a keen eye for detail. 

    No matter the circumstances, she is always tinkering and crafting something with care.  Her motivation is simple, she truly enjoys making beautiful, useful things out of love -- especially for little ones. 

    Always on the hunt for gorgeous fabrics, Kathryn discovered double gauze muslin in Asia. She loved its versatility in all seasons, its incredibly soft feel that only improves with wear and washing, as well as its high-quality weave that allows for colorful, elegant, intricate printwork. So, "Pikku", her third baby, was born shortly after the arrival of her second son.

    Outside of raising her two young boys and her work with Pikku, Kathryn dedicates time to serving others; mentoring new and expectant parents, supporting couples facing fertility challenges, and coaching young families with settling into a sustainable routine.

    A passion for serving others has always been at the center of her life. Professionally, she has spent decades working for non-for-profits, policy think tanks, government organizations, and advocating for women and children.

    It is a great joy for her to share her creations with you and your pikku!