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    Pikku Baby | Our Muslin | A Perfectly Dimpled Muslin | Luxurious Double Gauze Muslin Pikku Baby | Our Muslin | Luxurious Double Gauze Muslin Pikku Baby | Our Muslin | Luxurious Double Gauze Muslin

    Our Special Muslin  |  Muslin for Babies  |  Muslin Ware & Care


    Our Special Muslin & Why We Love It

    Not all muslins are equal. We searched the globe to find the finest. One touch and you will feel the difference! Our double-gauze muslin has a distinctively soft and supple feel made possible by an ingenious construction method that makes it the ultimate baby essential.

    Its natural fibers and thermoregulating weave provides peace of mind, stands-up to everyday use, becomes more cuddly with wear, and comes modernly styled by Pikku's exclusive designs. It is no wonder it is quick to become a family favorite and keepsake. 

    Soft & Durable | Our incredible double-gauze muslin is light as a feather, soft as a cloud and perfectly dimpled. Strong yet lightweight, it makes for the softest and most reliable fabric; ideal for everyday use and multiple washes make it more cuddly.​

    Versatile​ | From playing peek-a-boo at the park, an adorable toothy grin, to a long-night of colic comforting, our double-gauze muslin serves a variety of everyday uses.​

    ​Stylish​ | Our exclusive print collections are inspired by nature and made modern with colorful fine line work, modern woodblock patterns, and abstract geometrics​

    ​Safe | With natural, breathable thermoregulating cotton fibers and no optical whiteners, our double-gauze muslin is designed with baby's comfort and safety in mind, earning certification from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    Why Muslin Is Ideal for Babies

    Muslin has been a go-to fabric for babies for generations. It is a soft, gentle and versatile woven fabric made from 100% natural cotton fibers. It is suitable for all climates as its open-weave allows air to circulate, reducing the risk of overheating while keeping the wearer comfortable in most seasons. We use a specialized muslin, double-gauze, for all of our products. If you thought you knew muslin, just wait until you try ours! ​

    Caring for Muslin

    ​How Muslin Wears. Woven from natural fibers, you can expect a characteristically soft quilting effect in muslins after a first wash and tumble-dry. This is more subtle in our specialized double gauze when compared to traditional muslins. Think of it as endearing dimples rather than a wrinkle. It will also get softer with every wash. While our special double gauze has a 5% shrink rate after a first wash and tumble, we have factored that into the design of our products ensuring a continued perfect fit.

    ​Machine Washing. Set machine to a normal cycle. Select cold for colors and warm for whites. Before placing items of like colors in the machine, close all fasteners and avoid washing your muslin with anything that has Velcro on it to prevent snagging. Once the cycle is finished, remove items promptly from the washing machine. Tumble dry on low and give it a little stretch/tug when it comes out warm.

    Hand-Washing...bless you if you have the time! Fill a basin with warm water and add 1/2 fl. oz. of your laundry detergent. Mix the water and detergent, using your hands to gently agitate your item. Soak for one hour. Do not worry if color appears in your water, this is normal. Run cool water through item until rinse water is no longer soapy. Squeeze or push out the water. Hang to dry, lay flat, or tumble dry on low. Do not dry any items that still have stains.

    Treating Stains. To spot clean a stain, mix chlorine-free bleach with water to create a paste and gently rub into the stain with a toothbrush or stain brush. To soak a stain, fill a sink or basin with hot water and chlorine-free bleach. Soak items for at least one hour. Rinse dirty water and repeat if necessary.